product design
Ian Berry
editorial graphics
photo retouching
…“snags” the interview with his “My Lifestyle Magazine" app.
When finished listening to the interview...
...John browses through his “Lifestyle Magazine”. Everything is sortable and defaults in the order he snagged them.
(The interview is added to the other “snags” he has recently collected, like the playlist form his local Starbucks, and the new color palette from Room and Board which he shared with his wife...)
He is really into this interview with director Wes Anderson...
Later that day, while walking the dog...
John is listening to NPR on his way to a meeting.
…and heads to his meeting.
...he sends the “snag” to his friend Sam and says “Check this interview out, lets go Friday night, I will get tickets”. John follows the link to Fandango where he purchases tickets for the 8pm show.
…he opens his “My Lifestyle Magazine" app, scrolls down, and selects the Fresh Air interview and presses "play from paused point”...
...before the interview is finished, John parks the car and...
…and turns the volume up.
Laying in bed with his laptop open...
Later that day,