Ian Berry
toys & games
Along the cliffs of a sleepy central California town, climbing across train trestle catwalks, over fences, through fields of tall grass and forests of pine and euctalyptus. Around an often submerged gulley, past the haunted monastery and down a secret cliffside path, jumping rock to moss covered rock, racing between crashing surf and up the cement ruins and down the dirt road, through the door and onto the couch just in time for cartoons from Japan. Now living with his wife and daughter along the high canyon walls of downtown Manhattan collecting art books and marionettes, sketching and concepting for Animation, Toys, & Video Games.
Church Street 4th floorNew York City, NY 10013
Barn Concept  Begin Again Toys
Madagascar Golf Activision / Toys for Bob
Barn Concept Begin Again Toys
Nintendo Tony HawkActivision / Toys for Bob
StoryPlay Space Station Background Intel Corporation
App Store
Action Wheels ConceptsSprig Toys / Wham-O
Kre-O STOS Hasbro
Magnetic Travel Game Relaunch  Barnes and Noble
Kre-O Battleship APC Hasbro
Thomas Tank Engine Concept Fischer-Price